2016 I hate you. I love you.

You took my best friend.  This a year I will never want back, except maybe the parts when we laughed as she garnered the strength to get up and out of her bed and pretended to me, well, to most of us, that yes, she was fine.  Just a little heartburn,she’d whisper in between smiles.  The cancer never took her spirit.  I remember telling my boss at the time when I needed to be back to work, “I can get another job, I can’t get another best friend.”  Needless to say I have a new job.  I still don’t have another best friend, not like Ames.  Not ever.  Irreplaceable.  She is with me, I know this to be true.  I still rely on her.  As always.  But F U 2016..  Not fair.

And thank you 2016 for my husband.  The deployment two years ago and the one we face that lies ahead this year … can all go to h. e. double l. hockey sticks.  This year though, this year I watched him drink his bailey’s and coffee while he opened up his nascar driving experience and shook his head, “NO WAY!” He exclaimed.  Oh, that smile.  That smile I love even more since the first of the 22 years I’ve been seeing it.  Next year he won’t be here.  Thank you 2016 for him this year.

I hate you. I love you.  You gave me the worst and the best.  You gave me a reality that I often detested but a truth that I couldn’t avoid.  You taught me to stand strong, to be courageous, to fight for what I believe in, and to be forgiving and accepting of other’s in their fight as well.  I have learned much, cried often, laughed hard, grieved more grief than I ever thought possible, and heard the whispers of a beautiful fighter angel.  I hold my husband and my children close and pray prayers of gratitude because I am blessed.  And I don’t deserve it.

As my father said to me after my bestie went on to Heaven ….

“It is what it is and will be what you make of it.”

Dear 2017 …. Here I come.  And I’ve got an Angel at my back so watch out. 🙂








Authors Unite! Networking Connections Gain Exposure

tanya wattAny of us that are self-published authors know that exposure and connections are key to our marketing plan.  Well, I’d like to introduce you to Author Tanya Watt of http://authortanyawatt.wordpress.com/about/.  Not only is she an incredible author but she hosts a blog that offers FREE SHOUT OUT’S to authors!  Seriously.  Not a joke.  I was curious about Tanya and what she was doing so after going through her website, reading some of her reviews, and checking out her $5.00 paid promotion I decided … What the heck … why not try it out.

What I discovered was not only someone who is passionate about writing and exposing other authors but someone with whom I truly felt a connection with.  Another cyber-friend to go on this journey with.  Within 24 hours she’d shouted me on her blog, succeeded in exposing me through her goodreads account, tweeted, facebooked and who knows what else this wonder woman has up her sleeve that she’s doing.

Just so you know, she has no idea I’m even writing this blog post about her.  I’m not paid to advertise her.  I’m not gaining anything from this other than wanting all of you other budding authors out there to see what she is doing.  So many of us need one another and this is one woman who is diving in and making things happen.

Please, if your an author check her out.  And, if you are someone who hosts interviews, does reviews, and offers promotions for authors, let me know!

Write on!