From Fear to Fearless: This is YOUR year!


When Amy was alive she always told me, “Be fearlessly you!”  She was a woman who lived by her words and yet for all the years she told me this, I never grasped it.  I lived constantly in my own self doubt.  The shadows of all my mistakes and shortcomings over-rode any light I thought I might possibly have buried deep down somewhere.  No matter what I tried to do, whether in career or relationships, it seemed like I was a vacuum sucking people dry because I hungered so much for validation.  I never stood independent of how I thought others thought of me.  So how could I change that?  What could I do differently this year?

What could I do so that when I looked into my children’s faces I didn’t see all my regret that I could have done it better before they left home?  What could I possibly change to see my husband take  a sigh of relief that he no longer carried all my pain or purpose?  My friendships, how could I operate in love in such a way that did not demand reciprocity?  How could I possibly be independently fearless and stand in my truth that while I’m far from perfect, I’m a beautiful being with something to offer?

I think we all struggle with this at one time or other in our lives.  We look around at those closest to us, those we’ve lost through filters through the years, and those we hope to become closer to in the future and we wonder … do I have what it takes?  Am I good enough?   Do I have value?

Fear.  Fear of being wanted, loved, and liked.  Fear of loss, fear of gain.  Fear of failure and success.  We become stagnant in our doubts, almost sometimes to the point of being frozen in it.  We stop going out, we are isolated with work and friends.  We shy away from socialization.   Then the voices really start up, man, they can be harsh.  See?  I told you, no one cares.  See?  I told you, no one notices you.

How do we overcome that kind of fear?  I went to my bedside one day and knelt, shaking, on my bedroom floor and I prayed, “Lord, my precious Father, you did not have this in mind when you created me, did you? With Amy gone now, I feel lost to courage and bravery.  I feel lost to me.  Help me to see myself as someone who can love as you love. Change my heart.  Mature me.  Please, give me opportunities to shower my world with faith and friendship and love and laughter and not do so with a selfish heart.  Train me up to stand in the gap for those I love, rather than whine about being the gap myself.  Let me be the light.”

After I was done praying I heard the word, “Act.”  Then, from Scripture, “Do not be afraid.”  In my mind I could hear the trumpets of Jericho.  Bring the wall down.  The wall of insecurity, fear, and doubt.  Shake it to its core so it has no hold over you.

I heard Amy, “Be Fearlessly You!”

I’m determined that this will be a year of letting go of fear and falling fearlessly in love with my life, my family, friends, and the path I am so blessed to be able to be on.

I pray, for all who read this and can relate, that you have the courage to stand on your knees, be humble to God, and become an action person verses a reactive person!  This is going to be a great year.





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Prize Winner for Inspired Woman of the Week Contest!

Gina Swenson | Inspired Woman of the Week Contest

Doesn’t matter what Gina has on her plate she always makes me a priority in her life and it blesses me and inspires me. To be a person so selfless and so giving of every facet of herself to those she loves every day?


This week’s nomination comes from Catherine McClaugherty of Littleton Colorado and she says,”I’m nominating my best friend Gina Swenson for the Inspiring Woman of the Week because she embodies basically everything that Ignite Your Truth has been discussing and delving into since the start. Authentic friendships. We naturally always hold all of those looming little insecurities we have as close as possible and tightly cling to the difficult and (albeit sometimes dark) secrets of our lives. Since the day I met her over 13 years ago and we locked eyes across a restaurant (she was my boss at the time but I’m trying to romanticize the moment here…ha!) any resistance to do what seems natural was just futile. The woman just looks at me and my own most personal and intimate thoughts come tumbling out.”

Catherine continues to tell Ignite Your Truth: “My entire life I’ve been told that I am not one to really open up, so Gina is like my own trusted Gladiator in terms of helping me navigate and conquer my inner battles and struggles. Gina is an incredibly busy mother of six, let me repeat, SIX children including her 2 beautiful step daughters. The way her children respect and adore her no doubt would make even a great mother – look at her in awe if not envy. I can only imagine what kind of lives and accomplishments lie ahead for the munchkins that are being raised by this one of a kind woman. Her (awkwardly high) level of intelligence and ability to look at the world everyday as HER oyster inspires me. As we get older and friendships often change with different paths and responsibilities, Gina and I’s friendship has only evolved and grown. Two kids? Three kids? Four kids? A daily schedule that probably doesn’t leave five minutes for her just to be alone? Doesn’t matter what Gina has on her plate she always makes me a priority in her life and it blesses me and inspires me. “

What does it mean to be an Inspired Woman?  In Catherine’s words for Gina, “To be a person so selfless and so giving of every facet of herself to those she loves every day? (And that was Gina’s voice just popping into my head saying in our favorite Asian comedian’s voice, “HOW yoouuuuuu know daaaaat”…) I know for a fact one day Gina and I will be somewhere sharing a bottle of “two buck chuck” on some patio when we’re in our 80s not reminiscing about life – but trying to out-talk eachother in whatever it is we’re flapping our jaws about at the moment and deciding how to maximize a night of fun while minimizing the trouble we know we’ll be getting into.
What is it about them/you that specifically relates to this week’s theme? : In a nutshell, Gina can Ignite My Truth when sometimes I can’t seem to get it lit on my own. :) “

This is raw, relevant, Radical Friendship ladies!  Thank you so much to Catherine for nominating such an OUTSTANDING WOMAN and thank you to GINA SWENSON for being that friend, mother, sister, daughter, and woman that we can all look up to!

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