Build Your Bridge


Rebecca and Courtney build a bridge in a ditch that is symbolic of their plight to bridge the gap between the little girls that were hurt and the grown women they’ve had to become to survive.  It is their story, but it is your story.  What sacrifices did you have to make as you survived the hands that hurt you?  What part of yourself do you hide away and shelter from the word for fear of hurt?  The walls you’ve built, they will come down.  It will be okay.  You’re not alone.

For all the women who’ve had to go back and get the little girl they’d left behind.  Bridges.  My song.  Your song.  The road to healing.

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Your Restitution: A Bridge Above Your Tears

restitution_banner_1I wrote a song in 2002 called Bridges.  It was a song that was on my heart to write for the book I’d written, Restitution – which is set to be released and published next month.  I feel compelled, suddenly, by whatever you want to call it – Spirit, the Universe, God (I call it God) that someone needs to here this message of hope and healing.  So, I’m posting the link to the song. It has since been recorded in Nashville and will be released with the novel when it comes out.

If you are a survivor of Child hood sexual abuse or domestic violence, please take 3 minutes and listen to this.  I think you need to hear the message.  All my love.  Courtney


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