What has been your catalyst? The Crossroads. That one defining moment.

A Moment That Brings Revolutionary Change

FB_Catalyst_1What Has Been Your Catalyst?

The word of the podcast tonight is Catalyst. A person or thing that causes a change. Have you ever stared your own reflection down and knew, somewhere deep within yourself, that it was now or never – something had to give? A choice. A crossroads. And, one single revelation that would change it all. If this sounds like you, at one time or another in your life, we’d love to hear your comments and include them in our discussion!

Real women, just like you, revealing the authentic and hard core truths on everything from overcoming abusive relationships to bi-polar disorder and a lot of everything in between – with a purpose to seek out that united hope we have each lived with that compels us to stand up and speak out our truth. Are you ready to find your catalyst? Join in now!

**Note: We started talking and then did our intro…we decided to leave it real and unedited!**



Your Restitution: A Bridge Above Your Tears

restitution_banner_1I wrote a song in 2002 called Bridges.  It was a song that was on my heart to write for the book I’d written, Restitution – which is set to be released and published next month.  I feel compelled, suddenly, by whatever you want to call it – Spirit, the Universe, God (I call it God) that someone needs to here this message of hope and healing.  So, I’m posting the link to the song. It has since been recorded in Nashville and will be released with the novel when it comes out.

If you are a survivor of Child hood sexual abuse or domestic violence, please take 3 minutes and listen to this.  I think you need to hear the message.  All my love.  Courtney



I Hate Being Touched. There. I Said It.



I hate being touched. There, I said it. When I say it out loud, I feel so much better, but, people look at me like I am some sort of monster. I can read their thoughts as they scroll across their faces. It starts with “She MUST beat her children.” And, then continues on to “I bet she is beaten by her husband.”

Read more on how Sara broke the cycle HERE >>http://bit.ly/16u0Ntb

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