&*#! U Depression. I’m here to stay.

For some of us it’s situational and for others it’s a chemical imbalance.  For some it’s triggered by screaming people in our faces, reminding us of childhood abuse and for others it’s the long hot shower turned cold because we can’t fathom how we’re going to finish the day.  For some, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Mania ….. showing up to work hoping you can make it until noon so you can drive around the block and sit at  the corner and cry it out or hell, not even making it out of bed on a Tuesday.  Tuesday’s are hard.

Truth.   Depression you DO NOT OWN ME.  I will refuse to allow you to take me down.  I will get help.  I will see my therapist.  I will take my medication.  I will eat right.  I will exercise.  I will tell the people I love the most when I am hurting instead of isolating.  I will REFUSE, do you hear me now, I will REFUSE TO TAKE THIS LYING DOWN.

I will write a book about you.  How you tried to kill me.   And I will save others because if I am here for good …. SO ARE THEY.

Believe.  Hard.  For whatever reason.  Depression ?  @*(# ….. WE ARE HERE TO STAY!


Redemption.  Coming Soon to Amazon.  Follow me at @courtneyfrey on Facebook for details on Friday’s launch!


Do You Hunger for Healing From Adoption or Childhood Abuse?

Restitution is a bold novel that rips the secrecy of child-hood abuse from the hidden mask of shame. Out in the open, scarred and true for all to see, this based on a true story novel will not only redeem all who have suffered from abuse but will offer something we’ve all hungered for. Purpose. For nearly twelve years Tess was the victim of child hood sexual abuse. First, it was her Pastor; the man of God who told her that the devil was making her do bad things. Then, her Uncle and her cousin. For years Tess struggled to believe that God was a loving God. Did He not notice what she was enduring? Once a victim of abuse, her life spins out of control as she is haunted by the demons of un-worth. She’d become her own abuser. Sacrificed her first born son into adoption. Left home at only fourteen. Homeless, and then pregnant again on the streets. Would it ever end? Would she ever find purpose in the pain? It turns out, nothing is ever in vain. Tess discovered a path back. Will you go with her?


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