2 Weeks into my Arbonne Cleanse …

I’d post pictures but I look the same.  I’d like to report that I’ve lost weight, feel great, and am loving this cleanse.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  Like my brother Evan told me on the phone the other day, “Court, you’re crazy if you think something’s going to work in two weeks, duh!”, I suppose I should digress.

Frankly put, Arbonne is NOT easy.  I know,  I know … nothing good ever is.  I thought I’d jump on ship and do my shakes, take my greens, eat right, meal plan, etc., etc., and the weight would just fall off.  No.  It’s not.  I’m miserable.  I’ve eaten Paleo chili five times in the last twelve days and tonight I had shredded chicken with cabbage on a lettuce wrap. Ugh.  Not fun.  Not tasty.

Loosing weight is not fun.  It’s not easy.  And, I suppose ….. finding out which diet and how and why and when is the key.

So, I’ve been thinking.  Maybe loosing weight isn’t as much a quick fix plan but a life long decision to change eating habits.  Ugh.  I swear I’d kill for a Domino’s Pizza girlfriend.

Two weeks to go.   We shall see what happens.  All I know is that no salt, no carbs, no sugar, and no …. well …. pretty  much ANYTHING … is NOT FUN FOR ME!  BONUS?  I can have red wine.  Thank you Lord for wine. Please don’t turn my wine to water. Note to self:  drink more water.  Probably a lot more water.  Ugh again.

Girl … if you’re dieting with me ….. high five that $(T%#$.   This is NOT for the WEAK!




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