Happy Mother’s Day: An Ode to a Step Mom Who Stepped Up.

canva-photo-editorI’d like to say that I fell in love with you right away because I was over joyed that you made my father so happy.  Yet, I was 17 and full of myself and only thought about how this new relationship would effect me, so that first day I met you my only thought was, “Great, now I have to share my Dad.”   I was not very welcoming.  You stayed and loved me anyway.

You navigated the pains caused by your husband’s previous divorce and the effects that hard times had on his children.  My anger, my pain, and my blaming everyone else for how terrible I felt often times fell on you.  You were a target of my misery and immaturity more often than not.  You stayed and loved me anyway.

When I made choices that were highly questionable you tried reasoning with me, but of course when I didn’t listen you still took me into your home, nurtured my daughter, loved me through my own consequences, and did everything you could to enable me to eventually find success.  You were going through your own major health struggle while helping me to put my life together and never once did I ask if you were okay.  You stayed and loved me anyway.

12246935_10208175426529083_1384143604972145985_nWhile you waited for me to grow up you always openly shared your thoughts and opinions, your hopes and dreams for me, and while I may not have heeded all of it right then, your voice has a place in my heart today.  It is a kind, wise voice.  As it speaks to me I recall every birthday, every holiday, and every life event that you were present for, that you made so special, and every sacrifice you made in your own life, for my sake.  There has been very little giving from me, I have taken much.  You stayed and loved me anyway.

I’ve never found a way to say how deeply you have impacted my life.  I remember that first day when I was so upset about having to share my father.  All these twenty something years later I think, “Thank God he shared her with me.”  You stayed, no matter how hard I pushed you away.  And you loved me despite how difficult I made it to do so.

11149311_10153200379202177_5074328793623752731_nI’ve never found the perfect words to tell you … thank you for being my mom and now, I’m grateful we can be friends too.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who probably should’ve ran for cover a long time ago, but instead built a home and a life for a family who desperately needed her.

I love you.



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