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Rebecca and Courtney build a bridge in a ditch that is symbolic of their plight to bridge the gap between the little girls that were hurt and the grown women they’ve had to become to survive.  It is their story, but it is your story.  What sacrifices did you have to make as you survived the hands that hurt you?  What part of yourself do you hide away and shelter from the word for fear of hurt?  The walls you’ve built, they will come down.  It will be okay.  You’re not alone.

For all the women who’ve had to go back and get the little girl they’d left behind.  Bridges.  My song.  Your song.  The road to healing.

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Heal a Heart for Christmas

R_fcYour best friend confided in you.  Your sister wants to change.  Your relationship with your mom is broken.  Your husband struggles with your depression.  Whether for you or for someone in your life, Restitution is a message of hope that speaks loudly, “YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM ANY LONGER!”  It is a novel-like approach, based on a true story, that embodies the triumph over pain we all seek and hope for.  Give the gift of healing to someone you love today.



Author writes about surviving abuse and homelessness


R_fcCourtney begged to matter. It was only when Rebecca showed up, beaten and bruised, in the ditch that ran between their homes that Courtney realized: she wasn’t the only one. Together, they built a bridge—a physical bridge to hide beneath, as well as an emotional bridge to take them back to the little girls within themselves; the ones they’d had to leave behind in order to survive. A murder, an adoption, new friends, a paralyzing accident, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, and the haunting echoes of years of abuse come together in the story that follows a young girl and her friends discovering that, even against the odds, nothing is ever in vain. Courtney Frey’s story, based on the truth of her own childhood and young adult life, demonstrates that finding love starts with purpose. The author conveys through her own character her search for that purpose, as well as the desire to be needed, wanted, loved, and validated—and how continually…

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Amy lost the use of her legs and would never walk again.

Rebecca’s father, after murdering her mother, was dying in her care.

Courtney was estranged from her family after telling the truth of her abuse.

They had one thing in common.


How do you take terrible, awful circumstances and broken relationships and turn them around?


These characters, in this based on a true story novel, lend us the lesson that we are accountable for discovering and fighting for peace, love, and joy in our lives.  We cannot expect others to save us.  We must save ourselves.

No matter what situation you are in right now, you are not helpless.  Whether on bended knee, at the King’s throne, or your ultimate decision to let them go and fix yourself first …. BE THE CHANGE.

You’ve got this.

YOU MATTER.  You can.  Be. The. Change.





As Rebecca lay there, bloodied and bruised, I wanted to chase after her father and give him just a taste of what he’d done to my best friend.  To his daughter.  How dare he?  What had she done to deserve it?  Yet, she lay, barely breathing in the dark room, curled up like an infant without tears; unable to hate.

Despite the abuse for Rebecca, and the accident for Amy, and my own demons begging for redemption, something within us knew that one day, somehow, it would be made right.

And it was.


Be True To Who You Are

When innocence is lost at such an early age, Rebecca and Courtney struggle with their identity.   As they grow, parts of the little girls they once were are left behind.  A brokenness occurs.  They do what they must to survive.  The ultimate discovery however is that they must do whatever they can to reclaim those pieces of themselves and heal them.  Courtney goes back in time and confronts her abuser.  Rebecca faces her father on his death bed.  Sometimes, being true to who you are means having the courage to save the little girl you left behind.  Restitution, the act of taking what is rightfully yours; back.


Your Voice Matters

Restitution explores the travesty that occurs when secrets are kept and the innocent go unprotected.  Finding your voice takes courage, compassion, and sometimes a best friend who has faith in you long enough for you to believe yourself.  Whatever your story, your journey, or your secrets … know, your voice matters.   Is it time for you to tell?


Why Forgive?

Rebecca can’t stomach the idea of forgiveness.  Her father murdered her mother, beat her for years, and while lying on his death bed she comes face to face with what forgiveness means.

The reality that her father doesn’t deserve forgiveness sets in, and in a small dark room as he slowly dies, Courtney and Rebecca define what it means to let go.  Let go of the pain, the hurt, the rejection.  Let go of the unmet expectations.  Let go of being a victim.  Forgiveness, sometimes, means setting yourself free.

Restitution, coming January 2016.


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