Seeking Terminally Ill or Disabled for Make-Over PhotoShoot Sessions

Amy-005My best friend of 24 years has Stage 4 cancer.  Two weeks ago I arranged for her to have a major photo shoot session with a make up artist and photographer … hoping to capture her beautiful soul.  The results ….. breathtaking.  Where as before she could barely get out of bed, here are her photo’s of her transformation.  Our conversation after, true to my best friends heart, was, ” I want others to feel like this too.”

So, I am planning to start a funding campaign and a public relations effort to begin to help as many people as I can to do what Amy got to do.

If you know of someone who is terminally ill or disabled who would like a make over and photo shoot please send me details and if you know of a photographer or make up artist in your area who would donate their time and efforts, please send me information.  I’m hoping to compile a database.

I love you Amy.  You are eternal.


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