It’s Not In Vain. Your Experience Counts.

It’s Not in Vain.  Your Experience Counts.


Someone once asked me, “How can you possibly say that the abuse you suffered had a purpose?”  I had to take a slow breath and respond softly, “The abuse didn’t have a purpose …. My survival did.  There’s a difference.  When I say that nothing is in vain I’m implying that in anything we overcome in life we can find a seed of hope, a place of choice – that choice is to cower or challenge.  Learn and grow, or give up.  There is power and purpose to learning and growing through our experiences.  So, no – the abuse isn’t the purpose …. My choosing to overcome the effects of it is.”

She paused for a moment and then, through brimming tears whispered, “I want to know what that feels like.”


In Restitution, the novel, you’ll meet several characters who overcome incredible and sometimes tragic events by refusing to allow others to steal from them their opportunity to overcome in the first place.  Join the email list now for upcoming events, pre-launch information, and much more.  Get involved in the movement.  Is it time for you to challenge yourself?  You’re not alone.  Join now!


Restitution the Movement: Take back what is rightfully yours!


Ever feel that a part of you has been stolen away, pieces of you that you can’t seem to heal?  How often do you isolate from the fear of telling – is your voice unheard?  You are not alone.  Join with me, in Restitution, as we travel together with four young girls who travel the path from pain to healing.  Nothing is ever in vain.  You have a purpose.  We are waiting for you.

Restitution … coming soon.  Join the mailing list now for special updates going into pre-launch.  Also, visit our facebook page to join with others on this journey.

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