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I’ve Been Picked up by Sunbury Press!

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers!  It’s been a long time since I’ve been active but I’ve been super busy with editing three of my novels which have all been picked up for publication by Sunbury Press.  My estimated release date is end of summer!  Due to this news, I am now moving everything over to my book blog, https://restitutionnovel.wordpress.com/ and I want to invite you over!  I will soon have the new website up and running as well and will link the blog to the website.

Please follow my Restitution Novel blog for upcoming updates, blog posts, interaction, and I would surely love your support as I go through this new adventure of becoming a published author.  I will also be posting and writing a lot of information/stories and updates about living with Bi-Polar Disorder successfully, as well as other issues covered and explored in all three novels!  I hope to share my journey with you and look forward to seeing you on the Restitution side!

All my love and light!

Courtney Frey


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