Man Leaves Sneaky Hidden Love Letter on Fiance’s Laptop A MUST READ

A little back story ….

James and I have been together for going on 20 years, counting the few years we were separated.  In all of that time, he hasn’t been a love letter writing kind of guy.  He’s more your military career, nascar watching, bonfire and gun shooting type.  He’s a quiet man, who only speaks when he has something very important to say.  He’s an exceptional father.  A reliable co-worker.  A faithful servant to our Country.  But, definitely not a love letter writing sort.  Through the last 20 years I’ve accepted this about him.  Being an author myself and with words being my livelihood this has been difficult.  Yet, he has so many wonderful qualities and traits that are far beyond my silly expectations and desires for his writing love letters to me that I’ve come to a place of peace without them.

So, it was quite a shock this afternoon as I was closing out writing my third novel and noticed that I had an additional Word window open.  Clicking it, I was transfixed.  He’d snuck down to my laptop in the night and written me a letter, knowing I would find it the next day while he was at work.

Here is what he wrote:

“HI, gorgeous most beautiful woman. I hope you have the most amazing time with your friends today garage sale shopping.  I have been so impressed with how you have handled yourself the past few weeks.

You make me so happy! you are a kick ass woman and I’m proud to be your man. I know that im not the most wordy guy but hopefully leaving this message will speak to you as to how i feel about you. don’t get me wrong your a pain in my ass but your the kind of pain in my ass that i cant live without.

Your man!

P.S. do you know how many poisonous spiders their are in the world?”


I know it’s silly and the letter is short and to the point, but it meant the world to me.  To be so in love with someone that you go against everything that feels natural to give a gift that you know will bless the other person is selfless love in action. He gave me something more priceless than flowers and jewelry; he gave me his time and his heart.  I had to share because as everyone knows, Mother’s Day is coming up.   Forego the over-priced cards and sneak her a note.  Hand write it or sneak it onto her computer.  Bless her with your words.

And for the love of healthy competition, someone please tell me how many poisonous spiders there are!  (I can’t find it!) lol




5 thoughts on “Man Leaves Sneaky Hidden Love Letter on Fiance’s Laptop A MUST READ

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  1. “No-one actually knows exactly how many species (different types) of spider there are in the world.

    For example it is known that there are many, many species of spider (and well as other flora and fauna) in rainforests around the world that have not been discovered and named by scientists. However at present there are about 34,000 recorded and named species of spiders in the world, it is believed that there maybe between 75,000 and 100,000 actual species of spiders, so only less than half of all the potential types have actually been identified.

    As for the number of non-venomous spiders, all spiders use venom to kill their food but, in most species this venom is only harmful to their food (insects and some mammals, birds and reptiles).

    Only about a dozen species of spider have venom that is actually harmful to humans, of those only one is a tarantula, all the others are generally small spiders such as the notorious Black Widow or the Brazilian Wandering Spider..”

    My answer would have to be…. all of them. They all have venom, but they are not all poisonous to humans, but are poisonous to other things. So I think it’s safe to say ‘all of them’. 🙂

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