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A Letter To My Daughter Before She Becomes a Mom.

My daughter, who is expecting her first child in June, asked me to write her something for her Baby Shower.  I thought about all the advice I could give, words of wisdom, and hopes and dreams I could write about.  But, in the end, I went with my heart.



I could pass down words of advice, but as I consider what is worthy to be said I realize something.  You and I have nothing left unsaid.  The ties that bond us, and the authentic relationship that we share has enabled you and I to ascend the long path of mistakes and take on a new journey of love, understanding, and acceptance.  You carry with you my old journal, written from the days of your birth, filled with all the heavy burdens I once carried and the new love I had for you as a baby.  You carry with you all the wisdom you need to right a wrong, to forgive yourself, to create a new start at all costs when you’ve lost everything but refuse to give up.  You know how to be an original, to go against the grain, and to become passionate about something even if no one else thinks it a worthy cause.  You know that the world can be cold outside, but you’ve learned to paint the snow with beauty.   You’ve tested the waters, crossed your own bridges, found home again, and learned that family doesn’t mean perfection; it means faith.  Through it all I’ve held your hand, let you go, and carried you in my heart.

There are no words unspoken between us, yet the journey we have travelled speaks volumes to the testament of what you now have within you to become the mother you are meant to be.  As you raise this precious daughter I want you to remember often that one of my gravest mistakes as your mother was when I didn’t put you first.  Hold that against the strength of your forgiveness and love her, nurture her, belong to her, and raise her with the lessons that our journey together has garnered.  Let nothing go unsaid, let no stone be unturned, fight with every ounce of your being, and allow yourself room to grow.

She will love you in your honesty, in your compelling and creative heart, and she will, despite the mistakes you make as a mother know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is one of your absolute greatest accomplishments in life.  I know she will.  Because I know that’s what we have.  And it is a very good foundation to the years you have ahead.

I love you mi hieta, Amanda Blessing Good Girl.



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