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Who Am I? A Teenager’s Open Heart

finding my voice _ igniteyourtruthAre you searching for God’s voice, a Presence, or a reconciliation to your faith?  Do you feel totally and completely alone?  Have you lost your direction, or do you simply desire to find passion in something; anything?  Do you have regrets?  Do you struggle to share your feelings with the people you love?  Do you know, deep within your Spirit, that you already have the answers you need but feel stuck, afraid, or incapable?

This young fifteen year old teenager felt that way.  Her words,published below, are an illustration into the heart and spirit of many.  Late at night, after her parents had already gone to bed, she quietly snuck downstairs to her mother’s office and wrote.  And cried.  And poured out her heart.  The next morning, her mother went down to her office to find an empty box of Kleenex and scattered tissue’s on the desk.


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