Writers Block

writers block



I can hear the keyboard shaking under my finger-tips.  My soul is talking.  It fills the room with moments.  The air moves with experiences that drum a click tapping on black plastic that is made for stating miracles.  I need to stretch but don’t want to miss the music.  This blank page has never held so many stories.  The veins in my hand tell them.  I listen.  A sweat bead falls and it is cold when it hits my side.

Is this what it feels to write?  Before the words are seen.  Before I get in the way.  The great silent screaming of a smile, a goodbye, a mistake.  His face before his heart stopped.  Her lips when she whispered.  Crying in the dark.  When the air moved in front of him so as to stop regret.

A hundred half clicks underneath my fingers while I bleed sweat for the moments before they become words.

I wonder how to write.


Recently I was picked up by a publisher, under contract for two books I’ve written and a third that should be on its way.  It’s not.  My musings on writers block.  Anyone else?



What has been your catalyst? The Crossroads. That one defining moment.

A Moment That Brings Revolutionary Change

FB_Catalyst_1What Has Been Your Catalyst?

The word of the podcast tonight is Catalyst. A person or thing that causes a change. Have you ever stared your own reflection down and knew, somewhere deep within yourself, that it was now or never – something had to give? A choice. A crossroads. And, one single revelation that would change it all. If this sounds like you, at one time or another in your life, we’d love to hear your comments and include them in our discussion!

Real women, just like you, revealing the authentic and hard core truths on everything from overcoming abusive relationships to bi-polar disorder and a lot of everything in between – with a purpose to seek out that united hope we have each lived with that compels us to stand up and speak out our truth. Are you ready to find your catalyst? Join in now!

**Note: We started talking and then did our intro…we decided to leave it real and unedited!**


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