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A Christmas Love Letter for Family: Share Your Heart This Year

No matter the challenges we face, the mistakes we’ve made, or the trials we are called to endure there is an ever present truth that guides us – the love of family.  Those moments when unconditional love is given without expectation in the hope for understanding, patience, and growth.  The conversations that flow into the late night hours when hearts are revealed.  The days and nights in the flurry of life that can stop on a dime the second one of us calls out for help.  The cherished memories tucked into our spirits that leave immortal marks on our souls.  The heritage of those who loved before us who continue to walk with us when we need it most.

We are imperfect, growing, and always searching the truths of who we are and all we can be but above all we are loved.  We are this year and last year, we are our babies first cries and their last years  at home – we are the long hours and the tight budgets and the tears of grace that see us through.  We are the lessons our young one’s teach us and the legacy we choose to leave them.  We are humbled in the wake of years passing too quickly and praiseful that we had them at all.  Our hands hold one another’s, in embrace and in comfort in the perfection of true love without judgment or fear.    We are home.  We are God’s love.  May you truly feel our hearts and our gratitude for sharing this, the greatest gift of all, with you.   Merry Christmas family.



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