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Writing a Love Letter: My Heart Revealed


I wasn’t going to share this, but I ran it by a friend of mine today and she encouraged me too …. she said, “This will inspire others to write love letters to the people that they love!”  I’ve been leaving james letters in his top drawer for a while now and this was the one i wrote yesterday that he will get tomorrow. 🙂 (Sh, don’t tell him.) 🙂

So I thought maybe she was right …. maybe some of you might be encouraged to put your heart onto paper because it really could make a huge difference.  It doesn’t have to be as long as mine is, but something short and sweet.  Anything .. a sentence  – doesn’t matter.  let’s lift our loved one’s up and make sure that they know and are encouraged by what they mean to us.
here is the letter ….

I love him so much that my heart literally skips a beat when I hear the front door open.  I dream about him.  I miss him when we are apart.  I can smell his skin when I’m grocery shopping and get so distracted that I forget what I came for.  I wonder if he’s thinking about me, but don’t care if he’ s not and look for ways to surprise him – like hidden letters I write in his bag or under his pillow.  I’m like a teenage school girl who can’t get enough of that one single second that he looks into my eyes and whispers that he loves me.  I want to hear it a thousand times and with each time it only means more than before.

I love him so much that I worry that I’m not good enough for him.  I count the ways I have blessed him in a single day and wonder if it was enough to show him how much he means to me.  I hold him too close, kiss him too long, and talk until there’s nothing left to say only to hear his voice.

I work on the woman that I am because I know he deserves the best of me all the time.  To mirror his excellence in integrity, attitude, ethic and confidence – a daily reminder that this is the man that I get to come home to at the end of my day.  And I want to equal the measure of a man that he is in the woman that I strive to become because of him.

He is not just the father of my children, the man who they can count on to be strong and wise and loving and gentle yet firm – but he is the caretaker of a family who could not live without him.  The burden he carries is large and yet his shoulders are capable and his heart fully worthy of the task.  His life is the example of hard work, trust, God fearing prayer, and most of all … the training and the love he received from his loving parents.  The example he is surpasses anything I’ve ever known and I fall un-worthy at his feet with gratitude for the love he sacrifices to give.

After eighteen years with the same man I feel as if it is that first moment.  When his eye catches mine and the goosebumps prickle up and I wonder …. does he really like me?

Nearly everything I’ve learned in the last eighteen years of my life I have learned from just one man.  The power of unconditional love, the victory of sacrifice, the moral of a good heart, and the joy of simplicity in being someone others can count on.   I admire him.  I adore him.  I’ve fallen in love with him every day for the past two years.

And I can’t wait for tomorrow.

So I can tell you, James.  All over again.   I love you.  I love you more every time I blink.  Every time I move.  Every time I think about all that I am and all that I have … because of you.

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