Authors Unite! Networking Connections Gain Exposure

tanya wattAny of us that are self-published authors know that exposure and connections are key to our marketing plan.  Well, I’d like to introduce you to Author Tanya Watt of  Not only is she an incredible author but she hosts a blog that offers FREE SHOUT OUT’S to authors!  Seriously.  Not a joke.  I was curious about Tanya and what she was doing so after going through her website, reading some of her reviews, and checking out her $5.00 paid promotion I decided … What the heck … why not try it out.

What I discovered was not only someone who is passionate about writing and exposing other authors but someone with whom I truly felt a connection with.  Another cyber-friend to go on this journey with.  Within 24 hours she’d shouted me on her blog, succeeded in exposing me through her goodreads account, tweeted, facebooked and who knows what else this wonder woman has up her sleeve that she’s doing.

Just so you know, she has no idea I’m even writing this blog post about her.  I’m not paid to advertise her.  I’m not gaining anything from this other than wanting all of you other budding authors out there to see what she is doing.  So many of us need one another and this is one woman who is diving in and making things happen.

Please, if your an author check her out.  And, if you are someone who hosts interviews, does reviews, and offers promotions for authors, let me know!

Write on!


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