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Hungry for a GOD BOOM MOMENT?

We launched our recent book, “How To Look Good Naked: Exposing Yourself to the Real You” this morning as a KINDLE DOWNLOAD and by 6pm tonight we were ranked #4 in our category on AMAZON.COM.  SO …. GET IF FREE NOW!  JOIN THE GOD BOOM!

People are talking about GETTING NAKED – letting go and digging in.  We are TIRED of being BORED with our lives and seek a PASSIONATE life.  Strip down, let’s go there together!

Here is our latest review ….

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5.0 out of 5 stars See more than a reflection . . . . September 3, 2013
By TishC
Format:Kindle Edition
Let’s be real. Looking in the mirror is outside our comfort zone. Our reflection of nakedness is even worse. Nevertheless, why do we feel that way? God’s grace is sufficient. He can turn our mess into a message. This book teaches us how to look in a mirror and begin peeling back the layers inside our souls. During this process, you will find something very raw, very ugly and very real: you have exposed your true self.

Does anyone know the real you? When you peel back the layers, will you find shame, pain, or loneliness? …..all three? Fear of rejection results in an external façade. Is that what you see in your mirror? We cannot feel loved for who we really are, as long as we are not known as we really are.

This book will touch your soul deeply and stir up emotions within you. The raw, naked truth in its pages speaks that boldly. How to Look Good Naked will authentically challenge you. No two reflections in those mirrors will look exactly the same. Personally or physically, you may not have shared in many of the author’s experiences, but this book will make you feel completely understood.

I found my life’s journey in nearly every word. To be able to resonate with a reader as Jen and Courtney do is a powerful thing and true artistry in a work of literature. But even greater than that, is how they accepted God’s grace, redemption and restoration. This book shares how He healed them from the inside out and how He can change you. Prepare yourself to find hope and healing in your brokenness. Dare to be moved as you learn how to turn your mess into a message. Prepare to be motivated to the truth of your beautiful nakedness. Speak the affirmations taught in How to Look Good Naked; see more than a reflection and boldly find your purpose.


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