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How to Look Good Naked: Exposing Yourself to the Real You

You Read It Here First


“We look into mirrors,” wrote Pearl Bailey, “but we only see the effects of our times on us – not our effects on others.”

When you study your own reflection, how well do you really know that person who’s looking back at you? Is she someone whose value is forever being held up for scrutiny and comparison to others? Are there dreams she plays close to her chest, as reluctant to divulge as she is to pursue? Is she someone you’d like to get to know better but haven’t a clue as to where you should start?

Authors Courtney Frey and Jen Kelchner just may have the answer to starting your own journey of discovery in their new release, How to Look Good Naked: Exposing Yourself to the Real You.

Interviewer: Christina Hamlett


Q: Let’s start with your respective backgrounds and what drives your passion.

Jen: I worked with…

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Authors Unite! Networking Connections Gain Exposure

tanya wattAny of us that are self-published authors know that exposure and connections are key to our marketing plan.  Well, I’d like to introduce you to Author Tanya Watt of  Not only is she an incredible author but she hosts a blog that offers FREE SHOUT OUT’S to authors!  Seriously.  Not a joke.  I was curious about Tanya and what she was doing so after going through her website, reading some of her reviews, and checking out her $5.00 paid promotion I decided … What the heck … why not try it out.

What I discovered was not only someone who is passionate about writing and exposing other authors but someone with whom I truly felt a connection with.  Another cyber-friend to go on this journey with.  Within 24 hours she’d shouted me on her blog, succeeded in exposing me through her goodreads account, tweeted, facebooked and who knows what else this wonder woman has up her sleeve that she’s doing.

Just so you know, she has no idea I’m even writing this blog post about her.  I’m not paid to advertise her.  I’m not gaining anything from this other than wanting all of you other budding authors out there to see what she is doing.  So many of us need one another and this is one woman who is diving in and making things happen.

Please, if your an author check her out.  And, if you are someone who hosts interviews, does reviews, and offers promotions for authors, let me know!

Write on!

Write. Think. Live: Interview With Cecily Patterson

cecily paterson

“Sometimes people get in touch with me and ask me to review their books on my blog and, you know, being a writer and all, I really do want to say yes, but then I look at their book and I think ‘hmm, 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Digestion?* This isn’t really a good fit …’      and I have to say no thank you very much.

But that’s not the case with this book. How To Look Good Naked:  Exposing Yourself to the Real You is funny, real, well-written and timely. (Plus the authors have been influenced by Brene Brown, who I think no-one can really be influenced enough by.)

I loved it. So I invited the authors Jen Kelchner and Courtney Frey of to answer some questions and tell us a little bit about what they do.”  Cecily Paterson


How Do I Save My Relationship?

SL2056        I am responding to her facebook messages and crying through the key strokes.  I weep openly for a friend who struggles in a marriage that faces the ultimate challenge of growth and in it, her weariness to continue to seek the truth in what will bring the solution of healing.  My dearest friend whose marriage stands in the gap between all things being said but not heard.

I watch my daughter sitting, heavy as stone, in the rocker in my office and her tears are rivers rained down over a hopeless heart.  I ache for her, and try to hide my mother’s grief for a child who cannot see what her mother sees.  Will this be the time she actually leaves him?  I must chose my words wisely, and as my eyes scan her sprained ankle and her swollen red eyes I nearly break.

Across the expanse of hundreds of miles a stranger reaches out in the night.  “Do you have time for another friend?” She asks, after having known of me from an online group study on enlightenment.  I always have the time, but as the night moves and her heart pours out, I want to cry and scream and grieve for the woman she is deep inside without the toxic fears and insecurities that are choking the life from her spirit.  I want to hold a mirror up for her, and show her the beauty within that cannot be stolen in the performance of needing and wanting to be loved.

I cradle my best friend in my heart as I listen to her weary words over the telephone, the fight ensues after leaving an abusive marriage.  Doubt, loneliness, fear and the overwhelming task of picking up all the broken pieces leaves her weary.   I check on her every day, pray for her in all moments of silence, and yet I know; nothing I can say will be the fuel she needs to survive just one more day.  She treads on heavy waters and I can only be a life jacket when she has the strength to reach.

And I sit here, in my office, into the late night hours against the precious hum of my ceiling fan and stare at a blank screen against the breaking hearts of so many in my spirit.  Resonating questions from so many of my dearest one’s, “How did you survive your divorce to come fighting back and have the relationship you have now with him?”

I scan my bookshelf, heaving and swollen with self-help books, and wonder if the advice lay in wait among the worn pages of trying.  I close my eyes and think about the counseling and hear the words of family through those painful years of separation.  Where was the answer?  When did I find it?

My heart takes me back to the day the divorce was final and the ride I got to a friend’s home where a mattress lay in wait for me in a cold, dark basement.  My duffel bag was light but heavy in my hand, and I recall standing alone faced with what had just happened.  I’d lost my marriage.  I’d lost my children.  I had given it all away and stood with nothing to my name but this black duffel bag.  Fifteen years of marriage … and I’d blown it.

I remember the tornado, the day he left for Iraq, our having to move to a new town, and my choice to pretend that I was fine.  I didn’t take my medication because I needed the manic high of my bipolar disorder to get me out of bed in the morning.  I separated into two people.  One that went completely insane and lived in a fantasy land of survival who chatted late into the hours with men online to feed my need for attention and the other who led Bible Studies in her kitchen.  I’d needed help.  I had asked for help – maybe not nearly enough.  A suicide attempt, a hospital stay, and a husband called back from a war to give me divorce papers.   I had lost everything.

I struck a deal with God that late night in the basement in 2009 as I laid on a flat mattress praying for death to come.  I would give God six months of my life, and if I couldn’t come up and out of my destruction and misery; would He take me to Heaven?  It was the only answer I had to get out of the hell I’d created for myself.

I hear the cries of my dearest friends and see the tragic pain in my daughter’s eyes, I hear my key strokes late into the night as I try to reach out to women who trust me enough to lean on me; I see their hell.  I feel it up and around me, the fires that burn in a heart that just wants to be loved and needed, accepted and purposeful.  I hear their weeping and their spirits mourn for the answer to that desperate question …. Can this relationship be saved, and how do I do it?

I watch myself in my mind’s eye, all those years ago, making that choice to do the one thing I’d never done before.  Give up and let God.  I see now … that was when I had the answer.  That was the moment that changed it all.

Everything had always been about me.  The way I felt, what I said, what I needed, and what I could be if I performed to the expectation of others and especially the validation I received in the performance.  For fifteen years my marriage had solely been, ‘Show me I’m good enough, all the time.’

Me. Me. Me.  Listen to me, dance my dance, and shower me with the art of everything being painted around me and my needs as the centerpiece for our relationship.  If I am feeling something, you should feel it.  If I want something, you should want it.  It was over a decade of my living in a relationship that served one single truth:  I hate myself but you should fill the gap with proving you love me despite all my failures, needs, and mistakes.

I remember those years when I forced that deep down and away from me.  Parts of me went numb; that part that screamed pay attention to me!  I stuck in my heels and got a job, bought a car, rented a little house, started a college degree and slowly in my outward love for others rather than my inner need for love in return …. began to get my family back.  Every time and every moment that I wanted to scream out my own pain I replaced it with, “I love YOU.”  I shut my mouth and started listening.  I gave when I didn’t have anything to give.  I set aside my own demons of unrest and insecurity and chose, every day, to operate in the one value I knew I had …. to give all that I could to those that I loved regardless of what I got in return.

I had six months to do it.  Six months turned to eight and then a year.

And I realized slowly, the hell I’d been living in was my hell.  The harder I worked on increasing my own value by the love I had to give … the less that hell I once knew had control over me.  I began to see the rewards of letting go … and letting God.   Countless moments through those years my prayers were, “Let them know how much I love them … it is my last gift to them.”

What I didn’t realize during those years was that not only was I letting go of my own desires to be good enough for the people I loved … I was letting God change my heart.  In my journey to rising again from the ashes my focus wasn’t on what the world could do for me, but what I could do in it for others.  In my letting go of self, I didn’t realize … I was discovering my value through Love.

Woman-raising-arms    I found a new rock to stand on, and over time it grew higher and stronger.  The demons in the night began to quiet themselves because I had something new to hold onto.  I had loved today.  I had loved yesterday.  I had engaged in something that had infinite and limitless possibilities to change the world.  I did something for someone I loved.  I said a word that held the power of hope.  I sacrificed my time in giving to someone in need.  I worked harder not because I wanted praise but because I wanted to bless someone.  I took my medication because without it, the illness took over.  Instead of being online in the night hours, I opened my Bible and found stories of women just like me who survived. The bricks began to build a new foundation and the old wall began to crumble.

I discovered … I was worthy of love.

God’s love.  He loved me enough to protect me from the masterful hands of death and fill into me the ultimate desire to set aside my demons and seek to serve love instead of pain.  In my giving up of giving up … He’d shown me life.   As the new threads of that life began to take hold, I looked around one day years later back in my own home of fifteen years, with my children laughing nearby and my ex-husband reaching out for my hand without fear in his eyes … and I was thankful for the first time in my life.   From the hands of death and destruction I had been delivered from being a victim of my own pain, and set up on a platform of infinite purpose and love.  I had my family back.  I knew who I was.

Without love, there is nothing … we are empty shells of victim’s to our pain and the toxic insecurities that haunt our relationships and our choices.  When we seek to find the love within us, and have the courage to give it away to others – we heal our hearts and embrace our ultimate value.

I once thought that in order to fix my marriage I had to make the marriage right.  In my performance I was trying to control what he said, what he thought, and the actions he took to serve my own needs and ideas on what it should look like.  If you do this, I’ll do this.  If you don’t stop doing that, I’ll keep doing this.  The long list of items we would set on paper as goals to change our relationship, the countless late night hours he’d spend up listening to me cry about how unhappy I was … and the way it all fell on eventual deaf ears.   I’d wait all day in my pain for him to come home so I could unleash on him how sad and hard my life was.   Why don’t you … how come you … don’t you see … why aren’t you listening to me?

I look back at those years and mourn for him.  I am grieved that I hurt him with my hurt.  It wasn’t about him all along … it wasn’t about our relationship either.  It was about me and my responsibility to know and believe that I had value and that if I was going to fight any good fight at all … I was going to finally be courageous enough to get to the roots of my pain and yank them up.  It wasn’t his fault that I’d dealt with childhood abuse, rejection, and abandonment.  It wasn’t his responsibility to heal me.

He says to me, as we talk about marriage and relationship advice, “You don’t want me giving advice to anyone.”  I ask him why and he responds, “Because divorcing you was the best thing I ever did.”  We laugh together, but in the joy of that reality we know its truth.  It took me standing alone, on my own two feet, to finally have the guts to discover the real reasons I was so unhappy and couldn’t love or be loved.    I had to heal.  He couldn’t do that for me, although he had certainly tried like a true hero for far too many years.

I lean back in my black office chair and stare at the Facebook messages from friends, glance over at my last missed calls, and see that my recliner now sits empty.  I watch, out the window as the sun comes up over the old broken fence that we haven’t replaced since the tornado, and I whisper into it all, ‘Thank you … for being the answer.’



Hungry for a GOD BOOM MOMENT?

We launched our recent book, “How To Look Good Naked: Exposing Yourself to the Real You” this morning as a KINDLE DOWNLOAD and by 6pm tonight we were ranked #4 in our category on AMAZON.COM.  SO …. GET IF FREE NOW!  JOIN THE GOD BOOM!

People are talking about GETTING NAKED – letting go and digging in.  We are TIRED of being BORED with our lives and seek a PASSIONATE life.  Strip down, let’s go there together!

Here is our latest review ….

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5.0 out of 5 stars See more than a reflection . . . . September 3, 2013
By TishC
Format:Kindle Edition
Let’s be real. Looking in the mirror is outside our comfort zone. Our reflection of nakedness is even worse. Nevertheless, why do we feel that way? God’s grace is sufficient. He can turn our mess into a message. This book teaches us how to look in a mirror and begin peeling back the layers inside our souls. During this process, you will find something very raw, very ugly and very real: you have exposed your true self.

Does anyone know the real you? When you peel back the layers, will you find shame, pain, or loneliness? …..all three? Fear of rejection results in an external façade. Is that what you see in your mirror? We cannot feel loved for who we really are, as long as we are not known as we really are.

This book will touch your soul deeply and stir up emotions within you. The raw, naked truth in its pages speaks that boldly. How to Look Good Naked will authentically challenge you. No two reflections in those mirrors will look exactly the same. Personally or physically, you may not have shared in many of the author’s experiences, but this book will make you feel completely understood.

I found my life’s journey in nearly every word. To be able to resonate with a reader as Jen and Courtney do is a powerful thing and true artistry in a work of literature. But even greater than that, is how they accepted God’s grace, redemption and restoration. This book shares how He healed them from the inside out and how He can change you. Prepare yourself to find hope and healing in your brokenness. Dare to be moved as you learn how to turn your mess into a message. Prepare to be motivated to the truth of your beautiful nakedness. Speak the affirmations taught in How to Look Good Naked; see more than a reflection and boldly find your purpose.


GenX Women: We’re Bored and We Want MORE!


Let’s be real for a minute. Stiletto wearing-cape flying-super women that we are struggle to find our place in women’s groups — ESPECIALLY within our faith. We don’t want to swap recipes and make crafts – that is what we use Pinterest for – and let’s be honest, group craft time is why we get out on Tuesday nights with the girls and pay for paint-by-numbers-and-bring-your-own-wine classes.

Your 30′s and 40′s are no longer what they were to our mothers. We are young and vibrant and ready to change the world. We cover our grays; stay fit and apply organic wrinkle cream to keep mother nature at bay. So, how can we get really down to the dirty raw stuff and still feed our spirits in groups?

Our goal with this series is to start giving ourselves the freedom to say this out loud.

We want to be spiritually fed. We want to go deep. And, we want to do it without borders and judgment. It’s going to be inappropriate, raw, and real. And, we may have choice words while doing it. We are so over playing nice, obligatory smiling, not meaning what we say, and keeping ourselves in society’s neat little boxes. Our generation wants more and we are not afraid to go after it!



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