Not So Lady Like Talk …. Let’s Get Naked!

how to look good naked cover 4

The “Not So” Lady Talk Series

Let’s be real for a minute. Stiletto wearing-cape flying-super women that we are struggle to find our place in women’s groups — ESPECIALLY within our faith. We don’t want to swap recipes and make crafts – that is what we use Pinterest for – and let’s be honest, group craft time is why we get out on Tuesday nights with the girls and pay for paint-by-numbers-and-bring-your-own-wine classes.

Your 30′s and 40′s are no longer what they were to our mothers. We are young and vibrant and ready to change the world. We cover our grays, stay fit and apply organic wrinkle cream to keep mother nature at bay. So, how can we get really down to the dirty raw stuff and still feed our spirits in groups?

Our goal with this series is to start giving ourselves the freedom to say this out loud.

We want to be spiritually fed. We want to go deep. And, we want to do it without borders and judgment. It’s going to be inappropriate, raw, and real. And, we may have choice words while doing it. We are so over playing nice, obligatory smiling, not meaning what we say, and keeping ourselves in society’s neat little boxes. Our generation wants more and we are not afraid to go after it!



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