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You Were Born For This – Highlights and Podcast!




Podcast Highlights

Innate Talent’s are your inherent pathway to your future!  There is something within you that you were born with that is destined to guide your vision for your life.  The origin of YOU … everything you need for success is within.

Your Innate Talent is something that you were not conditioned to do or that you learned from your experiences, it is something that is deeply embedded into your personality and characteristics.

Once you identify your innate talents, it’s time to hone and perfect them in action – that action being to EMBRACE your vision and create a life that embodies it.

Embrace means to accept willingly, to avail oneself of, to adapt, to take in with the eye or the mind.  Seize.  It’s the posture of accepting what is running towards you and from within you.

Know your Innate Talents.  Embrace Your Vision.  Refine it.  Align yourself with your path.

Failure, along the way, is an opportunity to seek a divine understanding of self.  It prepares you for the journey – if you give up you aren’t honoring your vision.  Instead capitalize on your mistakes!

You are going to face opposition.  If you embrace the vision deep within you, you will not look to others for the acceptance and the validation you desire but rather the hard work and results of YOUR efforts will produce those emotions for you.

The “HOW” isn’t so much the important part.  It’s about the passion.  It’s about connecting to who you really are.  Once you’ve mapped out your innate talents, take a step back and figure out if you’re really in alignment with them.  Are you engaged with them?  Are you actively working on them?

There is a difference between an occupation and a vocation.  An occupation pays the bills.  A vocation drives your spirit.  If you follow your dreams and embrace your vision it is truly possible to have both!

Listen in for a HUGE SPECIAL only for our podcast listeners!



Let us know if you are interested in a group coaching as you unwrap your vision and move in to it!


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