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Inspired Woman of the Week: Contest WINNER!

Marjorie “Encourager Extraordinaire” | Inspired Woman of the Week

She is a beautiful soul that definitely has unchangeable confidence!

Let’s admit it ladies, sometimes when we get those invitations to our friends home product parties we sort of cringe.  What are we going to have to buy now that we don’t need just to show our friends we support them?  Well, in the case of It Works, Robin says, “It’s not about buying something, it’s about becoming something.”  She first met our Inspired Woman of the Week, Marjorie at a Wrap It party through a local friend and from that moment on, she said “Marjorie has been my Guardian Angel.  The big sister I never had.”

Marjorie Kerr Desgrosseilliers is an Emerald with It Works Global and almost a Diamond! She has a down-line in her business of over 600+ people. Robin says, “She mentors at least 20 of us and loves on us daily. She is such an amazing god filled woman. Our biz is the It Works wraps. She is so passionate about helping others and changing lives through The Lord and our products.”

Robin goes on to say, “She continues to inspire me and the rest of our team daily. She is a beautiful soul that definitely has unchangeable confidence! She is a strong Christian woman who is there with encouraging words of wisdom for all of us girls. It is because of her that I keep pressing myself to do great things with my business.”

We asked Robin what is it about Marjorie that specifically relates to this week’s theme?  Her confidence in any situation- she doesn’t change who she is and encourages others to embrace themselves.

For more information on What Marjorie and Robin do in their successful careers you can visit www.yourfairygodwrapper.myitworks.com !

Do you own your own business or have you met your own Inspired Woman through the work that you do?  We’d love to hear from you and how those relationships impact your life!

Would you like to submit someone in your life who inspires you?  FREE CONTEST with EXCEPTIONAL PRIZES!


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