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Darleen, “I Want To Help.” Inspired Woman Contest Winner!

Darleen Thompson | Inspired Woman of the Week Contest Winner

Domestic Abuse is Real.  It’s happening.  But there is one woman out there, online, who has decided that she CAN make a difference.

This week, Darlene was nominated by a friend who says about her,

She’s always helping others, no matter what.

Darlene spends countless hours, between working full time and being a wife and a mother, online providing personal support and encouragement to women in abusive relationships.  She doesn’t get paid.  She isn’t a Doctor or a Licensed Therapist.  She lives in Mississippi and works at Walmart.  She’s the voice in the chat room, the friend request in the middle of the night when you’re feeling alone, and the woman who will give it to you straight when the truth needs to be said. She simply has a heart for sharing love and giving hope to others.  

Why does she do it?

Darlene says, “I want to help women by using my life experiences to get them out of a life I’ve led.  To never give up hope.  I can remember the lively, spunky person I was years ago.  Little by little, that part of my personality was stifled out, literally; smothered to death.  I became a shell of a person.  But, God gave me a fighting spirit to begin a quest to gain back that part of myself I’d been denied for so many years.  Never lose the best parts of yourself for anyone.”

Darlene is a member and a leader of many online support groups, and in her mentoring she is fierce and bold with the message of truth and hope.

She says to us here at IYT,

“I am honored, but I do think there are so many more wonderful brave advocates out there way more deserving than me.  I am not trained, I am led by God to do what I do.  He literally threw it in my lap over a year ago to reach out and be an advocate for women online.  I felt I wasn’t qualified.  I argued with God.  He kept pushing.  So, I accepted my first request to join a group as an advocate.  God said run with it.  So, that’s what I’ve been doing.”

Darlene is a blessing to literally hundreds of women every single day.  She does it because she’s led to.  Not for financial or personal gain. This, my girlfriends, is truly an Inspired Woman.  If you are currently in an abusive relationship you can contact us here atinfo@igniteyourtruth.com and we will share with you some of the private and safe groups that Darlene leads.

Congratulations Darlene.  And thank you – for being courageous and inspiring to all of us.

Jitterbug NecklaceDarlene won this beautiful necklace from Sassy Hat Designs, thank you Heather Turner for being an IYT Inspired Woman Contest Sponsor!

Know of someone who inspires you? See this week’s contest & sponsor HERE >>

To Visit our Contest and Learn How You Can Submit visit: IgniteYourTruth.com

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