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You Inspire Me: Weekly Contest, Awesome Prize!

Contests That Inspire

Who Inspires You?

Every week Ignite Your Truth is going to host, along with its sponsors, a contest to support, acknowledge, and empower inspiring women whose life stories align with our weekly topic. Do you have that one friend who just seems to be “out there” but who you look to for inspiration? Is she the sense of humor, the voice un-spoken by others, the business woman who seems to have no limitations? Is she fearless in her personality, her love, her courage? Do you want her to know that you appreciate and value all of her quirks and weird-ness because it’s what inspires you? Nominate her, or yourself, today! We want to hear and share your stories! A winner will be chosen each week to appear as a spotlight feature on our website and she will win a FREE GIFT valued at $25 or more! Just write in and tell us about your friend, sister, mother, daughter or any woman in your life and we will contact her for the full scoop! She may even be able to appear on our iTunes Podcast along with winning awesome fabulous prizes!


This week’s topic, “Embrace Your Weird” embodies women who have courageously embraced the unique parts of their personalities and lives and impacted the world around them for the better.


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