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Embrace Your Weird! Change Your Destiny!

IgniteYourTruth_Podcast_embrace_your_Weird_ep02EMBRACING YOUR WEIRD IS A DESTINY MOVING ACT.

Are you quirky?  Do people raise their eyebrows at you?

Learn how admitting your failures, loving your quirks, breaking the chains of generational abuse, and how discovering your innate talents can change your destiny, empower relationships, and FREE you to become the awe-inspiring you that is dying to be exposed!


Podcast Highlights

FACT:  Weird, as a noun, actually means a person’s DESTINY!  Synonyms are Awe-Inspiring, Amazing, Majestic, and Mind-Blowing!

Are you at the start of your journey towards purpose and passion in your life?  Really, your purpose begins with just being YOU.  YOU lead your ultimate destination.  Walk your journey today by embracing your awe-inspiring Weird!

All of the unique pieces of yourself have the power to effect change in the world.

You have a platform every day.  People are watching.  You have the capacity to plant seeds of change in others when you are walking in your truth.  Every smile, every word, every touch.

Is your weird a source of insecurity or a destiny towards what you are supposed to be doing and who you truly are?

When you own who you are you empower others to shed their masks as well!

Embracing your weird teaches your children to love and accept themselves as well.

We need to be careful about putting limited beliefs on ourselves and adapting to the mainstream.  We limit our potential when we are afraid to break out in who we truly are.


Join in on the conversation!  Post a word that causes you to struggle with how you view yourself, or something that is perceived as “weird” about you. We will join in and help you swap the word out for a more purposeful positive one!


Download the worksheet to help identify what is unique about you >> Download




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