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What Know One Knows – The Way My Reflection Lies

Me & My Reflection

Me & My Reflection

She is the life of the party.  I wonder if they know she goes home and cries.  He is the most successful salesperson in the company. I wonder if they know that he questions if everything he sacrificed was worth it.   Her sister thought she hated her, and that was why her bedroom door was locked for all those years.  I wonder if she’ll ever know that her sister wished she would have broken down the door.  He cries when he rides his motorcycle because the helmet and the wind hide the tears.  I wonder if his friends know how she broke his heart.  She is the most beautiful woman in the room and all eyes are on her.  I wonder if they know she has anorexia.

I wonder why she feels alone, when I am a reflection of her.

“As if she was on fire from within … the moon lives in the lining of her skin.” Pablo Neruda

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you see her?  Can you reach him?   Today, allow your soul to speak the truth so you reflect your perfect self.

5 thoughts on “What Know One Knows – The Way My Reflection Lies

  1. I am so happy to see that you are in touch with your birthson, and that you are starting to heal. I have always wanted to write a book about my amazing experience. During my placement there was such horrible media about birthmothers, I was videoed for my local news about the road I chose for my child, and how it impacted me. (that not all birthmothers will come take their children back after placing them) I have spoken to a group of adoptive parents, just a month after placing my child for adoption. I think i have a unique perspective, on the loss you feel when you place a child for adoption, because I have also lost 3 children to miscarriages, almost lost one child at birth, and now have 4 beautiful healthy children!

    It is great to “know” another strong woman that can say that they have gone through this and knows exactly what I am feeling. Nice to “meet you!”


    • It is so nice to meet you too, and what a wonderful advocate you are to Birth Mom’s! I know for me, my involvement in the adoption community for the ten years after my placement was extremely healing. My book, which was published in 2002, was ultimately very rewarding and healing as well. I encourage you to write, to continue reaching out, and to be a voice for all of us. There is healing and empowerment in it! Thank you again for your wonderful comments, and I look forward to getting to know you more! Stay strong!

      • Thank you! I just haven’t known where to begin. I have started it so many times, but just feel like I’m rambling. I have always wanted to get more involved in speaking engagements and not talking to just birthparents but adoptive parents as well.

      • For me, it started when I began posting comments at adopting.org when Sandra Lenington was still the owner before Nathan Gwilliam of adoption.com bought it. Sandra, after monitoring my posts, hired me as a freelance author to write articles and to moderate. When Nathan bought her site, he hired me as well and that began my Series which eventually turned into the book’s publication. From there, I went to local adoption groups and agencies with my book and offered to host support groups for birthmother’s and their adoptive families. I just began networking wherever I could – and I got involved in a lot of adoption groups who held conferences as well which led to speaking engagements. I would suggest starting with contacting your local adoption agencies, let them know your story and that you are willing to speak! You can feel free to write me anytime and I would love to help in any way I can. ravensquillz@gmail.com

      • I appreciate your guidance!!! I have only known the adoption agency that I went through, and i couldn’t volunteer there because of privacy reasons. The more I type to you right now, the more excited I am getting about doing it. I will have to work on it tomorrow!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

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