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Equally Fashionable, Talented, and Out-right Fabulous Disabled Advocacy Opportunities!

Equally Fashionable, Talented, and Out-right Fabulous Disabled Advocacy Opportunities!

Personal Interview with Amy Malmgren- Betzler, Disability Advocate and Consultant

If Amy would have told me twenty two years ago, over math homework and a bag of Ruffled Cheddar Chips, that one day she would become a non-profit Advocate and a successful business woman travelling the world and changing lives I would have, well, I would have believed her.  Amy tells me, “I’m just doing what I believe in.  My accident didn’t change who I am, it gave me an opportunity to be the best me I can be.  I want that for others who have disabilities as well.”

Since surviving a car accident in her late teen’s, Amy has gone on to graduate from Denver University with a degree in Non-Profit Management and now is a consumer advocate for MV-1, a company who has built the very first factory made wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Amy at an MV1 Show! Isn't this vehicle AWESOME?

Amy at an MV1 Show! Isn’t this vehicle AWESOME?

But Amy doesn’t stop there.  In fact, she never stops.  Amy is co-founder of Disability News, and I can’t even count the times she’s appeared in D.C with Senator‘s and on Capital Hill.  This woman is relentless in her plight for equality and better living for the disabled.  If that’s not enough, Amy is currently working on developing a new company and aspires to become a Talent Agent for the disabled!  Not only is she a non-profit consultant, but she has also been extremely involved in fashion shows all over the country for the disabled of all types, sizes, genders, and more.  Using her experience, education, and passion for a gorgeous, inspired disabled community Amy is hoping to begin her new website which will allow any disabled person to submit a profile in hopes of finding work.  Amy says, “There are so many companies that are doing trade shows, commercials, movies, expo’s and more that are always looking for people with disabilities to promote product or to engage in a talent.  I get calls all the time and I just want to put other fabulous people to work as well!”cloe1 wind 2010 caption final1

If You’re interested in this new venture, let us know!  Amy will begin developing a data base of professionals as soon as April, and once she accomplishes this the website will go live and she will be hard at work … finding you work!

I asked Amy what she hopes to accomplish with both www.disabilityloopnews.com, MV1, and her newest venture, Talent Agent.  She doesn’t pause, “Have you ever had a divine moment, the appearance of something that reminds you there is something greater out there that connects us all together?”  I want to tell Amy that she is my divine moment, as she goes on to say, “That’s what I hope to accomplish.  Connecting others with disabilities to the divine soul of hope, grace, and empowerment.”

I’m banking she’ll accomplish it.  For more information, or to sign up for the database for Talent Jobs for the Disabled, please either leave a comment below with your preferred email address or contact Amy at amy@disabilitynews.net

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