Pump me full of Zoloft, Xanax or Lithium –

Over-charge me by the hour just cuz you can.

Zip me in that white coat, lock me in a room,

I’ll still be crazy – I’ll still question you.

You can’t drug a genius, can’t lock up an artist.

Try to cage me, but you can’t hold down stardust.

Put me in a file, but you can’t define a goddess.

Lay me on your couch, I’ll just hypnotize ya.

Don’t need no Phd just to tell me ‘bout my inner child.

I’m wild.

Call it a chemical imbalance, I don’t really care

Just get off my back, I’m outta here.

No use in fakin’ normal, no sense in a lie

Drugs might keep me quiet,

But you can’t silence life.

I know the dark side, but I see the light

I get reality, but its truth is all mine.

When I’m up let me fly,

Clip your own damn wings.

When I’m down, don’t even try,

I like the things that I see.

Doctor says he’s gotta save me from myself,

Patient in the next room just hung herself.

I get a phone call cuz I’ve been good,

So I dialed God and asked Him what’s the use?

Let me laugh, let me cry, to hell with insurance.

Aint my 90 days up?  I’m healed,

I assure you.

Self inclined nation with man made doctrination,

Hell, it sounds fine with me.

We all gotta do what we have to do,

Believe in whatever we believe to be true.

But Christians imitating Jesus –

Don’t they know He was a Jew –

And damn my knees are sore

From kneeling on your pew.

What classes?  To hell with you,

No disciple ever enrolled in Religion 102.

I can talk all day and into the night,

Philosophy’s like love, right at first sight.

Sit me down with an easel, give me some paint,

Don’t need a brush, my soul knows the way.

I’m the life of the party, I know the right things to say,

People amaze me, in every way.

But when I want to go, let me go.

Solitude is my escape from home.

Mama, it’s all right, you’ve done nothing wrong.

Daddy, thanks to you I can write this song.

I got no blame, don’t take it the wrong way,

I get to be different in a world of all the same.

I wouldn’t choose normal even for a while …

Cuz, guess what?

I’m wild.


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