Fabulous Book, and a great compliment to my blog, “Expose Yourself,” inside of ravensinkwell.wordpress.com!

Moving On Up

If you’ve ever been wondering what the secret recipe is to make new friends, the types and quantities of friends a girl needs to have to be complete, or what the girl next to you on the airplane is thinking when you strike up a conversation as the plane descends… this is the book for you.


Theresa, one of my “lifers” (defined by journalist Valerie Frankel and quoted by Bertsche is ‘the lifer, who’s as deep and forever as family’ of which women only need 3-5) sent me this book, as I made the friend-leaving leap of moving to a new city with my husband where I neither have a job or close friends (defined in the book as ‘the close buddy, an intimate, trustworthy comrade you can say anything to;’ 5-12 of these is what ever woman needs – and family doesn’t count according to Bertsche) within 450 miles.

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